Monday, March 05, 2001

Its Monday. I don't have gym. I have no idea what to feel. At least I can go back to being unhappy tomorrow. I get to spend first period tomorrow with the beloved Coach K. Ugh....
We have the English SOL's tomorrow. I wasn't that nervous about it, but then I started thinking how much this grade means to my future, as I hypervenilated. After much debate, I came to the conclusion that not caring is much better for my health, if not my career choice.
I talked to Christa for a good time today. An hour, maybe two. She has her first piano lesson today! I took piano in third grade from a woman in my church. I quit after a month because I had to pratice too much. lol After Christa got off I started talking to Hong. He's not such a bad guy after all. I never really thought he was until "the incident". He makes me laugh. I could understand why that whole mess happened. Circumstances suck. A lot. But I can always escape to my nice little world of reading and day-dreaming in my room.

Theres a special edition of Gilmore Girls on tonight! I can't wait....hey, at least its not a soap. Not yet anyways....

Quote of the Day "The only thing worse than a pessimist is a pessimist that's always right"
-Michal Macrone


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