Monday, October 03, 2005

come homeing

i had a weird waking dream this evening. the entire street outside my hall was a frying pan, like the kind i made my stir fry in for dinner, and the sauce and rice was in it but i kept getting frustrated because i couldn't stir it with the giant spatula because the gravel would stick to it. no one wants rocks in their stir fry, right?

i also started to miss high school a little bit. i love pre-homecoming days before classes get too boring and everything's starting to get chilly and you can show off your back to school sweaters and sneakers and talk about so-and-so's dress and who are you voting for because once she said something really snotty and the collective sigh at the end of the day. and the drives home, with the leaves starting to turn and the air starting to get cool. football games on friday nights and sleepovers and coffee shops on weekdays.

but then i remembered waking up before 7 am [or before 11 am, in my case] and not being able to sleep next to the boy i love and going to class after class after class, most of which i didn't like. and the busywork, oh the busywork. guess what i'm doing tomorrow? waking up at ten-thirty, getting breakfast, heading to a class where we're learning about the basic historical theories of what has become cultural anthropology for an hour, eating lunch with interesting people who are kind and then i'm going to learn about world history after 1500 c.e., approaching it with the question 'what created the modern world?' not bad, huh? i also get to work out for free and then more buffet style food with ice cream at every meal! all for the low low price of oh yeah higher education isn't free.

nevertheless, i still wish i could've gone back for homecoming.
although, i do have to weigh frau o'hara in there. frau o'hara to ruslan...i think my gay, 21 year old uzbeki pseudo hipster professor beats out....well, frau. what else can you say.


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