Thursday, November 10, 2005


so there's this kind of unspoken etiquette for those who walk around campus with white headphones. most people act like they're not listening to anything at all, earphones cooly in place while they strut from class to class. i've seen it on every campus i've been to.

and i can't seem to get it right. i fumble with my earphones because they don't fit right no matter how hard i try and i'm not very good at "not singing along". especially when clap your hands say yeah come on, then i warble along and bop my head with every beat. sometimes i try to spin in midstep and i look like i'm in saved the last dance only a lot clumsier and it's hard to twirl with a heavy tote bag slipping off your shoulder.

i think i'm the biggest dork here.

otherwise, today wasn't bad at all. the forecast called for snow but all we got was rain before i woke up. since then it's been cold. not chilly, not hm a sweater would be nice, but my nose is red and hands hiding in pockets cold. i got a coat when i went to the wedding a few weeks ago and it's long and black and tweed and with the sky doing all of the lovely winter things it does i realize how much is before us. it's vast, wanting and waiting to be filled up with words and books and images and sounds and nothing compares to these beginings.


Blogger Christa said...

Thank you for reminding me of beginnings.

1:34 AM  

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