Thursday, March 08, 2001

As you can see I haven't gotten very skilled with my blog yet =). WISDOM TEETH SUCK!!!!! Eating cookies has been making me cry. Stupid teething.
I went to see "Get Over It" last night with Lewis. It wasn't that good. I mean, I did laugh a couple of times, but they had a Shakespearen (speeling is overrated) musical. No. Thats not going to EVER happen. Then Lewis spent the night. I woke up earlier than her and was reading my beloved book ENDER'S SHADOW. Shes home now, I already went babysitting, and I'm listening to Train's "Drops of Jupiter". The world is content again. =) Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go beat Austin at chess. Not really, I'll probably lose faster than Roger Ebert will say the best new movie (DPS!!!!) was a waste of eight dollars.


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