Sunday, May 12, 2002

Last night I while walking through Hollywood Video I spotted Little Women and couldn't resist saving it from another day of sitting on a shelf. I watched it with my brothers and sisters; then, Mansfield Park, though I almost fell asleep several times [it was two in the morning]. I went to sleep wondering when I would find my own Lorry/Fredrick/Edmund. Mayhap I'll find a good lit geeky boy someday...someday. For now I have David:

Punkyelhsa: hey it's you
dfinbergX86: hey
dfinbergX86: no it isnt.
Punkyelhsa: oh, wait.
Punkyelhsa: you're right.
Punkyelhsa: sorry.
dfinbergX86: bye!!!!!
Punkyelhsa: my mistake
Punkyelhsa: bye!
dfinbergX86 signed off at 1:03:26 PM.



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