Sunday, September 01, 2002

Soundtrack to My Life moment: "The Ludlows" by James Horner. Amazing piano and melodies and strings and makes me feel like my bed is flying.

Today didn't quite fit. The weather was cold and rainy [not good, pouring rain, dreary misty rain that makes your bones feel cold] and church was wonderfully awesome. I've been fasting, and now that the pangs are over, I really don't want to stop. However, I think the garlic roasting and a choclate cake from Sister Morgenegg [for my birthday, because I wasn't there when she brought a cake for everyone!] will pursuade me, at the appropriate time.

I'm rather sleepy, due to an exhaustingly late [but still wonderful] conversation with Maurice last night. However, I think I shall have another late Sunday night conversation with Christa on the phone; oh, I've missed her lately. But life is slowly getting better, with the help of Coldplay, The Softies, good friends and homemade presents.


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