Friday, August 23, 2002

Potowiskey: i dont know what has exactly gone on
Potowiskey: but you have "fallen" in love
Potowiskey: in your own special way
Punkyelhsa: I have?
Potowiskey: i knew it was possible
Punkyelhsa: hahaha
Potowiskey: it wold just be a little different
Potowiskey: that's how it feels
Punkyelhsa: who've i fallen in love with?
Potowiskey: you got me
Potowiskey: you just act like
Potowiskey: that light, airy feeling i get with you
Potowiskey: it's like your dancing on air
Potowiskey: being in a good mood prior enhances this
Punkyelhsa: so i'm in love?
Potowiskey: i guess
Potowiskey: it just feels that way
Punkyelhsa: haha, i guess i am....
Potowiskey: it's more than just a good mood
Potowiskey: that's how it feels
Punkyelhsa: Do you want to know who I'm in love with?
Potowiskey: i dont try to pry
Potowiskey: if you want to tell
Potowiskey: that's fine
Punkyelhsa: oh, trust me, I'll tell it to anyone
Potowiskey: yourself?
Punkyelhsa: The world. =) All of the beautiful people in my life, all of the beautiful things and instances and yes, even me.

Very good things:

"Life is For Living" by Coldplay
making peach jam
lovely conversations with Patrick
realizing it won't be that bad, afterall.
new pants
old shirts
my curly Q's that my mom and dad are so in love with,springing up on muggy days like this one


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