Sunday, February 23, 2003

Our posse stayed after school on Friday to paint the art wing's floor. The Myers is planning on making kids run headfirst into each other with the warped designed and we were all too glad to help. My jeans are beyoutimous and paint splattered now, as Roxie insisted I wipe up spilled paint with my butt and I am the least graceful person alive. Showed Neal what real emo is and wanted to punch him in the face and win his approval at the same time. ew.

Mia and I spent the night drivnig in the car, making barfing noises and laughing. We came home and watched I Am Sam [me for the second time, her for the first]. I ditched Ryan on Saturday to watch Gods and Generals. Big mistake. It was 4 hours of the same battle sequence, same redundant speech, some lemonade bit, and giant beards attacking one another. I fell asleep in the aisle [my seat was too cold so I moved] and tried to pretend the Civil War didn't happen. I came home to find Amanda sitting eating sushi with my family and she spent the night. We made disgustingly delicious milkshakes and she yelled at me for talking in my sleep. I woke up with a stomach ache and after taking Manda home ended up staying home from church [and the fireside!]. I pulled a Molly Mormon-Emotional Gimp and asked my mom if she was SURE it was okay that I stayed home, I feel like a really bad president, I probably can go even though I may throw up.... BUT! I spent my time wisely and wrote Warner a super awesome letter [jam-packed with goodies] and painted and read poetry and listened to gorgeous classical music.

current music: mascara by killing heidi
current mood: apprehensive


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