Sunday, January 26, 2003

Oh, gracious, where to begin.

I spent Friday night babysitting the girls-a formidable task for anyone, but if you leave them alone they usually don't kill ya that much. Saturday I went to a YCL meeting and hoped that Ryan wouldn't hate me forever for not telling him I'd be gone. I got back at 2 or so and arranged for him to pick me up at three. We went to the mall to buy him a cell phone battery and "me" to buy jeans that "I" didn't end up buying because they were too expensive. heh, heh. =) We went to the theater, but Chicago was sold out [an hour in advance, at that] and we ended up in Lancaster, where we went shopping at the coolest secret store [I cannot disclose the name, terribly sorry, loves]. I got a beautimous skirt that has a frog on it, who is yet to be named [suggestions welcome] and a pair of gorgeous, gorgeous shoes that I simply cannot get enough of. We went to Waffle House and laughed for about an hour straight, then came back to my house where I showed off my much-beloved room. If you're reading this, then he probably saw something that you painted, drew, wrote, inspired, or haven't yet been given. We spent the rest of the night reading children's books, setting Bagel Bite-eating records, and watching Are You Afraid of the Dark.

Darlings, I've made a new friend. =)

Not to mention re-re-re-re-re-re-falling in love with old ones:

polarREL: you are the crayon in the coloring book of my life
polarREL: you make me think that eveerything in life is so simple. and how i never have to grow up

I wore my newly-christened Lucky Skirt today [the aforementioned frog-adorned one] out taking pictures of the mahvelous snow-covered landscapes. I listened to Tonight, Tonight as giant snowflakes fell on my hair and Mia's beautimous wool sweater and I closed my eyes to soak in everything around me.

Right now: "Hook" by Blues Traveler, letters to friends, flannel pajama pants, missing you.


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