Monday, April 21, 2003

Last night was so wonderful! I forgot how much I adore Mandy and how much fun we have together. She's so fantastic to be around, and I love that she doesn't think my family's wierd because we like each other. I've been daydreaming all day/night about driving around with her, music as loud as possible, bien sur. I can't hug her as much I'd like at the moment, so I'm settling for wearing her old clothes [at the moment: belt, hair clips, shirt]. Lissa and I beatified her shoes, and I had so much fun and it was so relaxing and absolutely fantastic. I think that this just proves how much I need to see her more than I do at the moment, because once a year is really not enough when you live 2 hours from each other.

Last today Manda Panda's comming over and we're taking the little girls to the mall, so I'm lookin forward to that. I'm in a really Luckie Strike kinda mood. Manda's gonna bring the green glitter glue so I can fix my glasses. I used her red stuff to re-rubytize my Chucks and now they're bright and bold and wondermous and I will wear them today.

current mood: jubilant
current music: routine by luckie strike


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