Saturday, April 05, 2003

So ZWAN fell through, but I'm more or less okay with it. I went to Ali's soccer game and had a blast there, checking out the 13 year old referee [yay for pedaphiles!] and cheering her on without any refrence to her game whatsoever. I want to play with Manda Panda tonight, maybe we can finish the movie marathon, but my mommy-o wants me to stay here tonight and play because she's missed me. Slap Jack and Singing in the Rain sounds good to me.

I found out that we're going to my dad's this weekend. I hate all the resentment and tension that goes into planning where we are on the weekends. And I'm wonderfully happy either place. Decisions, decisions.

Ryan went off to visit his loverboy so he'll be gone for who knows how long and I'm doomed to spend my Monday afternoons somewhere that's not with him [what a fate!]. I want to make the ISHBELLY GO HOME shirts today but Amanda's busy getting herself primped and styled and all kinds of crazy stuff. I suppose I can do handstands by myself in the living room and read Calvin and Hobbes for the next 3 hours.

current mood: itching to dance
current music: good morning from singing in the rain


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