Saturday, April 26, 2003

today we spent a good 4 hours selling donuts in front of wal-mart. i had a blast, tortured my feet, and gained a trillion pounds. =)

we're going out to see holes later today! woot.

to rox: we dont hate you, honey. i think all of us are a little scared at what you're doing. and that's one of the reasons we're all relatively anti-amy, she seems to be your accomplice in all of this. don't think we don't adore you, that's the very reason that we've been acting the way we have [me, anyways]. i don't think i've been as up-front with you about how i've been feeling. so yeah. just keep that in mind. and i need to apoligize for being rude about it, along with not doing this in person.

current mood: bold [as in color]
current music: the kilburn high road by flogging molly


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