Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Today sucked. As expected. Buergers came over, though, and that was fun, even if they were only here for two seconds. I couldn't find the OC [cause i watch it now--come join us on the bandwagon!] But I think I'm getting the stomach flu. Which is really terrible. Kyle developed new muscles from throwing up. And I haven't thrown up in like two years. So it's that or ....well, ask roxie. she seems to specialize in things of that nature. or BRANDON ARTHUR who we talk about, huh, kyle?

Punkyelhsa: J slash K!
HerSilentStars: ell oh ell!
HerSilentStars: stupid technology/pop culture.
Punkyelhsa: as eleven year olds.

Anyone remember the good ole ICQ? Isn't that where we met Hong? Oh, no, it was Mark [c?].

Nonetheless. Good times.

Had a good time on the phone with roxie tonight. Watched I Love the 80s! (STRIKES BACK!) together, slash I ignored her as I flipped channels. She makes me laugh muchos.

Still hate my hair. Bro. Buerger says that I'll like it within a few days, but as is, I just kinda want to vommit on it. So maybe I'll try that, since I'm getting the stomach flu anyways, and can't use the pomeade effectively.


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