Monday, December 06, 2004

ever after

so there's this girl. and she wrote me a letter once a week after i moved. they had faux feathers and dictionary pages and were written in crayons and had watercolors and gum wrappers and anything that reminded her of me. and she had a beautiful complexion that i envied--it was creamy and soft and white. she wasn't ever afraid of anything, sometimes.

it seemed like such a pristine summertime existence. it was middle school, and ninth grade, and everything seems so overexaggerated now but it was fun, wasn't it? i wrote bad poetry and we ate those otis spunkmyer cookies at the lunch table with all of the girls and sean and mandy and sometimes corey....whenever he could tear himself away from his busty drawings long enough to eat.

it's been a couple of years now and i'm trying to decide on senior quotes and there's this 60 foot long piece of paper running a loop in my head saying things like "ashley rose, my favorite color" and "i wish the world was a marshmallow..."

and it makes me sad, too. but it doesn't feel over, yet. so i think that we shouldn't let this slip by. nothing's ever final until you're dead, and even then i'm sure god negotiates.


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