Wednesday, December 01, 2004

i'm trying to finish one hundred years of solitude by tomorrow so that i can write my paper that's due friday but i'm only on page 148 out of 458. i also got the girl's guide to hunting and fishing in hardback for four dollars yesterday. on top of that, a robert farrell smith book and lovely bones. i'm a readin fool.

today's sads:

missing seminary
not finishing homework
joe ness being absent in german
ambigious actions
feeling like a fat little boy
not having any clean or flattering pants
walking home in sandals
wearing itchy wool
being the only one who bothers

today's happys:

grinning at tucker across the room
skyler's sweet home alabama ring in german class
mr. streibig asking for cookies
shoulder-touching in french
giggling with megan
shouting obnoxious hellos to andrew in the hallway
being on filizzi's list
pretending to be a librarian
realizing my skin is clearing up
cozy pajamas
the prospect of reading over the christmas break
planning presents


Blogger Jean said...

mwahaha, look what i've found... got it off your profile. first time i've been back on aim since france i think... i meant to call you yesterday but i've conveniently misplaced your #.... i'll be needing that. nous devons faire quelque chose....

me chien me manque!
grosses bisous
a bientot

10:58 PM  

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