Tuesday, October 05, 2004

don't bogart that can, man

i wish i hadn't wasted my swearing years in middle school. i can do it so much more eloquently now. gar.

so he sucks. and me and my best friend are good at boy-hating, so eff dat and just listen to dashboard when in the mood for it.

as is i've got hanson booming.

s'posed to be doing my buttloads of homework but...eh. mrs. raver called me into her class today to talk about a neoligism she had discovered and we started talking about catholicism and she's so awesome.

ashley wants a beau this year. beat your heart out and amélie only make it worse. but yeah. i keep imagining Boy of Choice swinging on the hammock with me and singing distillers and buddy holly into each others' ears. too bad he doesn't exist.

i'm outie 5000


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