Wednesday, August 24, 2005

university of what?

PS I have given up on xanga.

I'm bad at packing.
I think it's because I'm bad at leaving.
I haven't managed to put away anything that's actually mine, just the new stuff that I bought yesterday. My closet is still as messy as ever. A little more empty but my floor is quickly filling up. I have a ridiculous amount of clothing. Let's see. 17 skirts, 5 dresses, 14 pairs of shoes, two black hoodies, two black cardigans, three other assorted colored hoodies, two pairs of jeans, and about six thousand tshirts. Oh plus two sets of leg warmers, mucklucks, and winter clothes. Oh, winter clothes.

this is ridiculous.

i also think that blogging about it will get it packed faster than organizing it into piles.
but yesterday i wasn't very careful with fireworks so maybe that's affected something.


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