Monday, October 03, 2005

iceberg, indeed.

so i like salads. if you know me, you may have realized this. they are tasty to me. conviently enough, they sell a mighty fine greek salad to go at the hub. sounds like a party in your mouth, right? what's even better is i can buy it for breakfast, put it in my fridge, and enjoy it at my leisure. how perfect!
and yet. my fridge was turned to super frosty ice because of the burritos we're saving. so i went to taste my delicious crunchy salad with the god of all cheeses, feta, and olives and tomatoes with a zesty italian dressing on top and it was frozen. like, the leaves were stuck together with ice. that's water that got too cold. which, needless to say, i was disappointed. i don't mind throwing something in the microwave to heat it up to a piping hot temperature [id est, cup o' noodle] to pleasure my pallate but this? waiting for the ice to drip from my greek wonderland?
i was very disappointed in GE. how about individual knobs for freezer and refridgeration compartments? seems pretty general to me.

that was the biggest thing that happened to me all day.


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