Tuesday, February 28, 2006

things that remind me of other things

honey packets from mcdonalds - my older brother
the national gallery of art - sk8r punks
bright red lipstick - main street in dallastown
my watch - oprah winfrey
lapel pins - ryan varner
neutral milk hotel - bitter cold sunny days
saltines - my grandma
green corduroy - my babysitter giving me a makeover in fourth grade
baby powder - my mother
jurassic park - the bedroom i grew up in [and the street down which a tyrannasarus rex came in a dream]
french braids - hot summer nights
the chronicles of narnia - fake flowers
my history professor - easter
viethai - humidity
ipods - your love


Blogger miss mia said...

smiles and sunshine - you
holding hands - you
glitter - you

2:20 PM  

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