Wednesday, May 24, 2006

i guess that's it

all i've done since i came home is play mom and be domestic. lots of cooking, cleaning, and chauffeuring punctuated by late nights at the diner and evenings spent in front of the tv with my family and that special someone.

it's been ten days since my last post, and it already seems like it's been a month here. i think that's good.

i do need new music though. send me recommendations. right now i'm listening to the magnetic fields and the life aquatic soundtrack. and mirah. always mirah.

oh yeah! i'm a nanny!


Blogger Christa said...

So lately I really, really want to marry Jens Lekman. Higher Power, You Are The Light, and Maple Leaves are all fabulous and incredibly different songs. Do enjoy. =)

2:15 PM  

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