Friday, December 01, 2006


twoday i hid from the rain outside the art building with rachel parker. i wore a lovely dress. but it never stopped raining so now i am safely in my pajamas.

i think about next year a lot. about my brother coming home and how im [blogger wont let me do apostrophes] afraid that things will be weird. and about decorating and having a brightly colored home. and cooking in aprons and having good enough friends that people just stop by and hang out. and making dinner for people almost every night. and i want it to be like that, but i dont know if ill find any friends that are good like that or if i will even find anyone that i like being around. and i dont want to start college all over having to meet so many new people.

its a very blustery day. fifty mile per hour blusters.
im listening to blink 182. marks ideal weight.
it makes me think about living in restona nd wearing vans and hurley and oneill and having a middle part and wearing ripped shirts with safety pins and being so midunderstood.
i dont feel that different. i still think skaters are cooler than other people.


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