Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Punkyelhsa: she's coadios
Buddyz List: huh?
Punkyelhsa: yeEs
Buddyz List: what dooes tHat mean?
Punkyelhsa: RACIST!
Buddyz List: who ?
Punkyelhsa: YOU!
Buddyz List: WHAT?
Buddyz List: no......
Punkyelhsa: You disgust me, you frog-hater.
Buddyz List: ok ill c ya later
Punkyelhsa: alright!
Buddyz List: seriosuly what r u talking about?
Buddyz List: do u do drugs?
Punkyelhsa: never!
Punkyelhsa: I do haiku!
Buddyz List: man you have changed
Punkyelhsa: Maybe you need to accept change more readily, my friend.
Buddyz List: i just want to know what dana thinks about me
Punkyelhsa: I don't think you do.
Buddyz List: whats that supposed 2 mean?
Punkyelhsa: Nothing! nothing at all...

Isn't Eric a genius?


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