Friday, February 01, 2002

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it's been forever, and today's the first!

I miss thee, oh blogger, you are my heart.

Not too much has been happening, I got my wisdom teeth out, got stitches put in, and have been on drugs for about a week straight now. I miss Christa as much as ever, I miss Reston as much as ever [don't tell, but I still miss her more-Christa that is, not Reston] and I have been reading my butt off. I read Maniac Magee yesterday, started The Two Towers the day before that, finished The Fellowship... a good little while ago, and I've been looking through beautiful Leaves of Grass. I have this whole study hall to myself, though I think it may count as skipping class, misunderstandings happen. Wait! That's incriminating evidence! I mean-I'm so confused, no one's in my typing class! There. :-D


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