Friday, July 12, 2002

A conversation with the infamous Kat:

Punkyelhsa: iii hate drugs SO MUCH
stareatthelight: i believe its your own what ever you want to long as your still alive
Punkyelhsa: i dont' think it's fair tho, when it hurts people close to you
stareatthelight: yeah
stareatthelight: thats why i said as long as your still alive
Punkyelhsa: but it still hurts them even if you are alive
stareatthelight: true
Punkyelhsa: i've had to stop caring about so many people because i just cried myself to sleep every night
Punkyelhsa: and i hate feeling detached
stareatthelight: :-(
stareatthelight: ::wipes tears away:: :-)
Punkyelhsa: it just...
Punkyelhsa: drugs and drinking have srewed me over so many times.
Punkyelhsa: and i'm sick of it.
stareatthelight: ok
Punkyelhsa: so i don't usually associate with people that do that stuff
stareatthelight: yeah



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