Friday, August 16, 2002

Punkyelhsa: I feel beautiful right now.
polarREL: you should feel beautiful all the time, cause you are. there is no need to feel anything else.
polarREL: maybe happyness
Punkyelhsa: =)
Punkyelhsa: I feel really pretty when I wake up.
Punkyelhsa: Because my hair looks like a mane and I'm just a little bit taller than normal and there's a fresh day, full of possibilities.
Punkyelhsa: When do you know you're beautiful?
polarREL: indeed, the possibilities are endless
Punkyelhsa: I love you so much! That was so quoteable!
polarREL: but i like yellow
polarREL: =) ::bites lower lip as she smiles::
Punkyelhsa: *grins wider than she has all day*
polarREL: yay, i win!
Punkyelhsa: hehehe!
Punkyelhsa: brb really quick
polarREL: i feel most beautifulest when i talk with my miss ashley, you make me feel pretty, no matter what i really look like, cause i smile when i am talking with you, and my mommy said my smile makes me pretty, that and standing up stright, well, at least you help with one of the two
Punkyelhsa: hehehe I love being with you because you are so vibrant and colorful and alive, at all times, whether your sad or happy or just sitting quietly, being Ariel.
polarREL: :-D
Punkyelhsa: I was going to find a quote, but it's out in the car. I think it's something like "Go ahead. Take off your nightgown and lie naked in the moonlight."
polarREL: being ariel is fun
polarREL: i like it
polarREL: mmhh, naked
Punkyelhsa: Can't you just imagine? The audicity!
polarREL: isn't that against mormonism?
polarREL: lol
Punkyelhsa: haha
Punkyelhsa: No one has to know
Punkyelhsa: I think I'm gorgeous when I throw my head back and laugh.
polarREL: i think i am gorgeous when i forget to care
Punkyelhsa: I think you're gorgeous right now because that was the most beautiful thing I've heard all day.
polarREL: when i am having fun (wostly with you) and i don't care what people think, or how i look, cause that is the real me, damned society locks that me in
Punkyelhsa: hahaha you are beautiful. you are amazing and wonderful and i'm so glad that you're exactly yourself.
Punkyelhsa: i can't explain how much i love you.
polarREL: ditto
Punkyelhsa: haha
polarREL: i didn't know how to say the same thing you just said in different words
polarREL: =)
Punkyelhsa: hahahaha
Punkyelhsa: I love laughing with you.
Punkyelhsa: We're going to change this world, Ariel. I can feel it in my bones.

I feel so amazingly alive right now. I feel dangerous, like I could do anything. I've had two lovely conversations tonight, with two people that I love. I feel gorgeous and pretty and very much like a 'succulent wild woman'. I could just as easily be sitting in a tree in the Amazon, or laying under the stars, or even dancing in the rain. But I'd really like to be sitting and falling asleep holding my best friends' hands [all 7 of them] and listening to "Wedding Day" by Rosie Thomas. I discovered this song tonight and I don't think anything could possibly be more beautiful.


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