Monday, September 23, 2002

I was going to add Ariel to the previous list of Favorite Things, but this one is so good I honestly think it deserves it's own post:

polarREL: smiling just b/c, laughing so hard you want to cry, pull and peel clouds, bubbles, morning dew, sunrises, monkeys, pictures of when you are little, long distance phone calls, swings, painting, charcoal, snowmen, sushi, singing at the top of your lungs, day dreaming, being with friends, cold showers on hot days, every song ever made/sung by the beatles, wanting to be able to fly, green plastic balls, jelly bellys, glow in the dark ceiling stars, new shoes, lollypops, whirly ball, writing with a sharpie, making people smile, hugs from my mommy, jew sing-a-longs, trampleans, balloons, soap on a rope, the game kerplunk, starbucks mocca fraps, ninja turtles, sleeping bags, the feeling of clay running through my hands, snuggling, staci's feather sofa, getting mail, mix cd's, water colors, holding hands, stretch jeans, five hour telephone calls, lava lamps, magic carpets, candles, sprinkles on ice cream, tank tops with built in bras, mini umbrellas, ducks, pajamas, ping-pong, my bed, keychains, having a secret crush, funny movies, bowling, sleding, sleeping in late, staying up until 4 in the morning talking on IM, pillow fights, little kids, cows jumpimg over the moon, forrest gump, year books, baking cookies, water slides, childrens books that have such good meanings, poems, full moons, fire works, dancing in the rain, birthday cards, board games, hot chocolate, one way streets, lucy in the sky with diamonds, book stores, art class, busA, rubber duckies, the clapper, sunglasses with rhinestones, recliners, driving the blue beast/tank, dancing in a jock-strap, staci's dirty magazines, patricks happy circles, starting a new trend, hulla hoops, colored mascara, shirley temple curls, bing in convertables on a highway, making up words, writing in my journal, wheres waldo books, dried flowers, the color of my new room, modesty feathers, beautiful beaches, the feeling of sand on your feet, stick figures, whole punch dots, watching ian try to dance, rings given to you by special people, shopping, love potion number nine, playing with moving men, water balloon fights, first kiss, loud music, giving people love bites, pasta, stary nights in Arizona, homer simpson, petting soft thing, comfy clothing, half birthdays, when leaves change colors in the fall, blowing on glass then writng something, diming lights, mobeals, jew camp, the name Fenord, the color unbrushed tooth, chest children, meeting new people, sunsets, roller coasters, being in love.
Punkyelhsa: I love you
polarREL: =)
polarREL: i love you too
Punkyelhsa: I think you're one of the most postively amazing people I've ever known.
polarREL: !!!!!=)
polarREL: happiness
polarREL: i have soething to add to my list!
Punkyelhsa: yay!
Punkyelhsa: go ahead
polarREL: how ashely makes me feel when she says something that only she in her utmost beauty is capable of saying
Punkyelhsa: A grin slowly crept onto my lips and I don't think it has any intentions of leaving. =)


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