Sunday, September 22, 2002

Favorite Things

you, heidi, ian, kisses, punk rock, skanking, aaaaaand chapstick oh!! and my polaroid camera and paint the end.

i like...MR.Yuk stickers, caution tape, mc.donalds balloons, SPORKS, velcro, road signs, cactuses, GRASS [pretty grass not the ugly stuff], milk shakes, winter, heavy blankets that feel secure, watching and commenting on tv with friends, BIG choclate muffins, happy making music, having an inspiration to do somethhing, blue pens, riding the public bus, making sandcastles that no one will distroy forever, stuff that reflects, stuff that glows, pictures of fun memories, playing in the snow

i like um..- blue, and fuzzy... i like cats- and pugs... yellow roses- and pink glads um... smell of cut grass, the air right before it rains, working outside, talking with friends, shopping, laughing, smiling, not caring, um...- i like: hugs and kiss es, i like movies that make you smile- and cry, i like swiming and eating, doing my hair and "dressing up" making movies with barbies, playing with barbies period, listening to good music, painting- or drawing, reading a whole book, just sitting, people watching

the sky, movies, my friends, food, snow, the way winter smells, seeing people laugh and smile, making people happing, flowers, the way everything has a smell, magazines, kirby's laugh, natalies laugh, inside jokes, water, paintings, everyone's inner beauty, thinking, sleeping, and my dreams

Playin/writing music, listening to music, people, playing guitar, being in front of crowds, overcast windy cold weather, not being alone

Ashley [that's me, kiddos]:
baking, experimenting with food, sneakers, jeans, bagpipes, soft tissues, my grandma, friends, wind, cold, heat, feeling alive, music that must've been written for you, punk rock, ska, sleeping in, getting up early, the sky, clouds, grass, dancing with little girls, bowling, stars, 200 glow in the dark stars and two people you love, sitting and thinking, falling asleep during car trips, hours spent online talking and writing and looking and reading, the punk bench, learning to skateboard, summer, painting, creating, longer-than-expected phone calls where you know you should get off because it's been 2 hours but you just cannot hang up for the life of you, believing something so strongly that it becomes a knowledge, car trips, memories told from two or more points of view, Jenny [my puppy dog], my little sister's ability to love, guitar, mix CDs, [mis-matched] socks, sweaters, winter, aesthetes, beauty in the simplest things, beauty in people, the chance to start over, "I love you"s, telling someone how you feel about them, discovering and elaborating, best friends, traditions, southern accents, driving, love.


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