Sunday, October 27, 2002

Friday night was spent in with family and Mia [though the line is slowly blurring between the two] watching Empire Records, again. Those witty kids steal my heart every time. Saturday night I dressed up as a newspaper [black and white and red all over...get it?] and won second place in a costume contest, with a 12 ft. string of 'pearls' as my prize. I've draped them around my neck trying desperately, again, to be Audrey's shadow. And today, oh today...We're going to my dad's house, to do who knows what. I think the zoo was mentioned, but I want to visit The National Gallery of Art again and take another lovely picture with Lake Lucrene, and show it to my father and sisters and let them know of all the beauty in the world.

I've thought of three songs to go on Christa's Mix CD, that may just have to double as a driving mix, but oh my goodness lovely.

Good things about the past week:

"Ruby Tuesday" by Rolling Stones, listened to in a parking lot outside of the grocery store
Roxie crying at videos involving Billy Corgan
me closing my eyes, listening to Billy Corgan
acoustic versions of "1979" I've heard before, but am hearing again
mud brown corduroys
fall, and it seems best glorified in New England
Pete Yorn
Christa, and Warner, and a thousand other people who make my life better than it could've possibly been without you
Ender's Shadow, again
The War of Buttons
*being walked to my room by my big brother because we had been watching scary movies all night and well, to be quite frank, I was afraid
Roxie's copy of dawn to dusk that I stole, on accident

*I ended up sleeping in my little sister's bed.


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