Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I came home sick from school yesterday, after Chemistry as was planned. My mom was at school all day and wasn't answering her cell, so I went to my grandma's to be pampered and fed, yet here I still am, headachey and sore. Influenza'll getcha one of these days. First flu of the fall.

I've become more welcoming to leave-strewn lawns and cold weather, lately. I do love the cold, but I don't have a winter coat yet, so it really can't be that bad. I found Spilling Open the other day [it was at the foot of my bed, I had fallen asleep reading it many moons ago and it slowly got pushed down there], and things I had written at school while reading it. There was a good bit on why I miss the summer and it made me ache for heat all the more. I'm listening to "Galapogos" on repeat and chatting with a good buddy I haven't talked to in a while, but I still feel like elephants are sitting on all sides of my head.


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