Thursday, October 03, 2002

Cricket1817: u just need to escape the crazyness
Punkyelhsa: i know
Punkyelhsa: but i know when i come back it'll still be here
Cricket1817: yeah
Cricket1817: thats the worst part
Punkyelhsa: i don't have anywhere to go
Punkyelhsa: my family used to be my haven
Cricket1817: go to my house and we can run away to never never land
Punkyelhsa: okay
Cricket1817: and take pictures of it
Punkyelhsa: and fly
Cricket1817: yeah
Cricket1817: and have ruby red shoes
Punkyelhsa: and dance on clouds
Punkyelhsa: and pick daisies all day long
Cricket1817: thatd be nice
Punkyelhsa: but the population never goes down
Punkyelhsa: and have perfect boys
Cricket1817: of the daisys?
Punkyelhsa: yes
Cricket1817: yeah
Cricket1817: and listen to perfect music all day long
Punkyelhsa: yeah!
Cricket1817: and never have homework
Punkyelhsa: and have school but only interesting stuff
Punkyelhsa: and cook
Punkyelhsa: and eat cake
Cricket1817: and have an endless supply of paints and canvas
Punkyelhsa: yeah!
Cricket1817: haha and HAVE CAKE
Cricket1817: kidding
Punkyelhsa: and we can make any color we want
Punkyelhsa: haha
Cricket1817: annnd we can invent colors!
Punkyelhsa: yeah!
Punkyelhsa: and invent words!
Cricket1817: that have never been seen before
Punkyelhsa: and write adn write and write
Cricket1817: and invent styles
Punkyelhsa: and build houses
Punkyelhsa: and have babies!
Cricket1817: and help people
Punkyelhsa: [after we're married]
Punkyelhsa: yeah
Cricket1817: hahaha
Punkyelhsa: and hold hands and skip

I want to turn that into a scene in a movie, except make it in person....


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