Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I spent last night being horribly sick and listening to Flogging Molly pretending I was at the show. Feeling better now, but not so well that I'd risk school. Bleh. I'm going to chop off all the hairs on my head today at 3:30. I'm excited and, at the same time, petrified.

So I'm chowing down Halls Fruit Breezers [which, by the way, don't taste remotely like fruit] and feeling sorry for my sickly self. I wanna be with you and you and talk to you and shoot films staring you and teach him to jitterbug.

I haven't taken a shower since Sunday, but this time my excuse is there's no way I'm taking a freezing cold shower. Stupid gas heat.

current mood: discombobulated
current music: gypsy rose lee by the distillers


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