Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Well, I'm better [more or less] and enjoying the recent spring weather. I wore flip flops yesterday and today [well, I suppose they aren't "worn" yet as it's 7:16 AM]. I've missed Seminary every day this week which rather upsets me. I suppose I'll have to set up my alarm clock every night before I go to bed and unplug it during the day. I really detest clocks.

9 Days till ZWAN!!!!!
2 Days till Daddy-O and lovely lovely Ostlunds!
1 Day till....Thursday.

I stayed after yesterday to make up a Chem lab I think I royally screwed up. Roxie made me owe her a thousand by staying after with me so I'd have company while waiting for certian hydrates to heat up and cool down. Desperately boring, and why I love her all the more.

I'm not hating my hair any more. It's rather bouncy today and I'm enjoying tossing my hair about like a little girl.
Cher impression [licks lips, tosses hair with stiff hand and says whooaaaa]

current mood: content
current music: lyric by ZWAN


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