Friday, September 26, 2003

ah scrolled down too far on rox's website...vommit vommit vommit.

tonight mia came over after work and we ate chili with my family...which was fun. we laughed a lot. i like doing that. my family has so many inside jokes. crazy [but that's how it go-o-oes].

i'm listening to led zepplin on repeat on accident kinda. i really want to go to market tomorrow. maybe mommy and stan will take me. they're really interesting to be with, i decided.

decided i want to be a professor of anthropology, particularly religion and language. and alex emailed me. =) so that was neato burrito. i think maybe god was trying to teach me patience with the whole not emailing until school's in full swing. but we're doing alright, now.

i think it's funny that half of what i know about the old testament comes from fictional books i've read--namely many waters and the red tent. and i totally know the book of mormon ebtter because of the homecoming series. i think i'm gonna re-read many waters, actually.

know what's so cool? in the king james version of the bible, they italicize words that couldn't be translated directly, and when it's talking about Enoch being taken up to God they translate it as "he was not". I find that immensley facinating...and makes me want to learn ancient greek [egyptian? cubism? hebrew?] just so i can figure that out. but my french teacher was saying the other day about not ever being able to fully portray yourself because there's always that lingering doubt that comes with speaking a foriegn language. so shucks. but still...harumph.

we were going to visit davey but i ended up having to babysit. no worries, i'll see him sunday if something doesn't happen tomorrow...

i need some good summer lovin. winter lovin. i feel kinda defunct. mia and i tried to cruise the circuit and decided we are way to used to good ole safe suburbia when this kid with a crowbar was trying to talk to us when we were at a red light. so we just turned up flogging molly and pretended we didn't hear him. it was scary. he was like 'rah!' and we were like "ah, we're females!" Like that.

oh yeah and i yelled at some kids today in german for making fun of someone. i felt really overbearing and mean because i was like argh i'm big junior i could eat your face off be nice to him you're disgusting but i don't know how effective it would've been if i hadn't been forceful. i hope they know i don't hate them, either. i just hate it when people are so terribly rude and malicious. and i totally want to still be their friend. aw. so much for that. my german teacher loves me because i talked to her about rainer maria rilke and i worship language. when i came in this morning she was like "you always look so cute coming in in your little outfits" and i had my picnic basket and 40s dress and saddle shoes on. fun fun. i got this super hot go-go dress from checkered past, along with matching fishnet stockings and an application.

Catch22 in 18 days.


oh won't you call me on the telephone [oo whoa oh]<--is that a song or did i make it up?


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