Friday, September 19, 2003

so the hurricane party was bunches of fun. most people were in their pajamas and i spent like the whole time talking to ian. which was really keen in itself, but now i wish that i had paid more attention to everybody around me.

i found this old journal of mine from like 6th grade that's really terrible. i'm like cussing about every adult i know and it's really vicious and stupid and makes me want to slap my then-self. but i also have the begining of a story in there that's got some pretty funny stuff about an orphaned only child. haha, oh the stevie years...

i made this 'skyline mix' and left it at my dad's last summer and it's pretty decent. it's got aurora by foo fighters and fiona apple's version of across the universe. hrmm.

so tonight we drove up and down memory lane like twelve times over. we drove through apple green and we pointed out all of our childhood memories [id est, "that's the wolverine tree, and the rogue tree, and the storm tree" and "the people that used to live there were really really catholic hippies"] to Krissie. We also went by Chesepeake Beach and Rosehaven. I had a pretty cool childhood, come to think of it. =)

and alex emailed me again....crazy how that works. ahem. roxie's also in love with david buerger and is closing in on my turf. so i think a fight for dominance may ensue. i do love tay-tay though....ah, decisions, decisions. let's go to mexico.


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