Tuesday, September 16, 2003

so yeah--went to mutual--had an awesome awesome awesome time. sister kneudson gave a lesson and like half of it was about H2O and like I was so happy cause I understood it and I was going over it in my head last week in Bio about how everything just fits and there's no way it woudln't have without divine intervention. and then afterwards we had banana splits and i was like jumping up and down with brother buerger in the hallway talking about cold and catch22 and he and dave and tay-tay will probably go with me and k-dawg to the show. i wish someone else here loved them...they're so wonderful. beth might go. that would be uber uber cool. man the buergers are so awesome. i talked to bro. buerger for like a good 45 minutes and then stan let me drive around the weis parking lot for a half an hour--i killed about seventy people but ohh driving is fun. i'm in such a good mood right now. i love being sixteen and my awesome family and doing such amazingly fun stuff and just loving life in general...i like that i'm wearing a negligee to homecomming...and my date is a gorgeous lady....and i like how my jeans fit....and i like that mia said that her dress is 'my color' and the end.


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