Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Linnhe and I had a fantastico time yesterday hunting hunters and shouting deers have rights too all over the countryside. We shot rubber bands at these really dreamy kiddos who had hunt a deer up on their tree. It was really sad. But then we went back to her house and I had a roast beef sandwhich in my rabbit-fur boots. We watched the second Harry Potter and wondered if the seventh book will just be one big sex romp [as they're "maturing" as the books go on]. It could happen. We also came back to my house, and watched the extended version of The Two Towers. I had such a good time. Linnhe makes my day whenever I see her. I may eat lunch with her as well.

In academic news, I have 4 projects due in the next 5 days, and I'm blogging so that you all are able to stay informed about my life. Congratulations.

I hate research papers.

Deers have rights too.


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