Saturday, November 15, 2003

soo last night was the most fun i've had in forever. i went out with jess, michaela, linnhe, and nikki and none of us have ever hung out before with each other--which made it that much better. it was 80s night and we looked so hot. these drunk 20-somethings hit on us and they were wrestlers and we stood them up in the parking lot. it was awesome. we got so slap happy because we were so tired and nikki's hair was like six inches straight up and ohh it was so much fun. i didn't eat like any of my food but the rolls and the rice were really really good. oh yeah we went to texas roadhouse. today i went on the french field trip to walter's museum in baltimore. that was pretty awesome, except i feel so out of the loop now because i haven't seen anyone all day. the exhibits were really awesome--i wish i had someone [id est, christa] who got how to go through museums and who liked the same things i did. i wandered around by myself a lot, and took some cool notes. i got taylor a christmas gift and found what i want to get kyle--but it's 25 bucks.

i think mom hates me. she asked me to come home from grandma's and now i wish i had stayed because i've barely even seen her and she's all mad because it's after 6 o'clock. argh i get so mad at her sometimes. i guess i'm probably just tired too. i hate everything right now, thouhg. i'm so seven years old.

everyone on tv has gaps in their teeth except sylvester stalone.

someone put me out of my misery.

i watched my big fat greek wedding at grandma's. i love that movie. good times, all by myself on the couch. again.

life has been really hectic lately. and it's very possible i'm just feeling that way because i've been busy all weekend and barely home but jeeze i was thinking about how fast the thanksgiving break is going to go and i just can't handle it--i think i'm going to have a breakdown soon.

i want christa.

What a blessed release
and what a masquerade


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