Tuesday, April 13, 2004

There are plenty of linguistics programs that are going to be very interested in Ashley Woodward. After all, it's not ever day that a blog slinging, Tori loving, fluent french chortling, poet potentate comes sauntering across every admission officer's desk. They shuffle a lot of hash between courses of apetizing alure. You will yet have your day as the vegan special of some tofu munching, the sirlion steak of some carnivourous, the Emperor's delight of some fortune cookie crumbilng... stodgy admission's officer. Foster may be Australian for Beeeeeeeahh, but Ashley will be known as Mondrienne souffle d'air frais qui soulève l'esprit, the Vidalia of the onion family, whose fluency in polyphonic languages and cultural aphorisms from around the globe will fill the corners of the sails with the four winds and delight the hearts with the sweet aroma of poignant Alliums.

Be happy

...okay. =)


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