Tuesday, March 23, 2004

still miss christa a lot, now that i think about it. so, playlists, and daydreams and sneaking in a phone call as soon as i can.

last night [or maybe this morning--i can't really remember] i was daydreaming about the perfect boy moving into our ward and me seeing him in sunday school [and he was wearing an argyle sweater and a shirt with the collar turned up in the back and his hair was just enough messy, and just enough long and gorgeously thick]. as he was introducing himself and telling about himself, he said he liked rainer maria and i quickly explained my love for them, and he asked if i liked the poet, and i told him my copy of letters to a young poet is thoroughly marked. we quickly went on to discuss his love of string instruments [he plays viola] and desire to learn guitar. also: he loves smashing pumpkins and intently participated in the lesson.

basically, he's a hybrid of herself and myself. but a boy.

wish you were here


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