Tuesday, July 27, 2004


I'm going to FRANCE tonight. Holy effing crap. I apoligize to everyone for not keeping in touch as of late, I've been busy out the wazoo. Trek was awesome. I'm sore EVERYWHERE from it but it was mad fun so I don't mind too awfully much.
Went to a show last night at the black cat, which was cool. Pussyfoot. It was their last show, so that was a little depressing, but they were pretty good. Too bad they're gone now.

I'm such a huge baby. I'm going to cry when I have to say goodbye to my mom. Three weeks without snuggles or kisses on the neck. Je suis une gros bébé....

I still can't believe that I'm going to france. like at all. oh my gosh. and i'm so excited for the plane ride there because kahina was telling me about it--your seat's huge and you get blankets and pillows and movies and i'll have my cd player and it's going to be so wonderful and i'm going to write a forty page letter to christa instead of journaling [or maybe along with] while i'm there and you can tell i'm excited because look at how long this run-on sentence is. and i have the best friend in the whole wide world who wrote me a list of 17 reasons why she loves me on my seventeenth birthday because she's amazing and i'm printing it out to take along with me. she's so fantastic. AND she's awesome enough to have a boyfriend that called me on my birthday because he's the coolest kid in the whole wide world. excepting her [doi].

wish me luck

oh, my life is changing every day
in every possible way


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