Wednesday, July 14, 2004

gypsy rose home

Wow, long time no type. Went to hell and back again, and next up is France. kahina's here right now and we're having a grand ole time. mom and i are going to gram's later then to see stepford wives which i'm FREAKIN excited about.

Last night for the third year in a row Mia and I went to the Jefferson Carnival. We hugged for about twenty minutes because we hadn't seen each other for about twenty years. Man I've been gone a long time. It was awesome to be able to play with her again and make ourselves vommit on the tilty thing and lose our life savings to Bingo. Which is amazing. We're going back tonight after she gets off work. Kahina's in Philly for the day so I have a free day and so far I've pulled weeds and showered and eaten breakfast with mumsies.

I really miss Christa and have meant to call her about six thousand times but I don't have any time. Maybe tonight because Mia has a curfew and I've got a few hours to spare. I wish I had more free time. Oh well, I like speaking french. It's a good time.
Oh yeah and Kahina uber loves Blink182 and Good Charlotte and the like. Eh. Whatcha gonna do.

and i love the distillers music again.

i love you baby i mean it more than just....


Blogger miss mia said...

i love spending our life savings. especailly when we ask for other people's quarters too. ha.
i will call you later lovie

2:38 PM  

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