Saturday, May 29, 2004

the mint

went to the chiller for the first time tonight. it was a pretty good time. i love the mint--and tried to catch the bassist's eye, but he failed to be caught. mary star of the sea. genius. i saw kyle from biology class there--we chilled after everyone left, and shared a lemonade. i got the mint's EP, though. they didn't play alright, but they play enough shows around here that i'll be able to hear it someday.

got my prom dress today. dunno what i'm going to do, though, because it's definitely not mormon--as it doesn't have straps. gorgeous, though. very audrey hepburn and gives me uber curves, at the sacrafice of being able to breathe and eat. whatev. i look good.

today on the way home from school i was singing daysleeper by REM. the part where it's like "talk of circadian rhythms..." and i was thinking about the research paper i did. good story.


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