Friday, August 26, 2005


i have become that girl that i hate.
the nagging one.
the one who calls her boyfriend five times a day and leaves messages like "well....i guess you're out having fun...without me...hope you're doing well...i miss you...because i'm all alone here without you....".
the one who gets upset because he has a perfectly legitimate reason to get off the phone.
the one who would rather stay in on a friday night staring at the telephone than going out to have fun.
the one who watches sleepless in seattle over and over and over again.

i hate that girl.
i never wanted to be that girl.
[i've never even seen sleepless in seattle]
i'm the girl who can have conversations about air soft, who can stay in the pit for longer than a few seconds.
i don't whine, i don't pine.
maybe i could open a nagging girlfriend café. The Whine 'N' Pine. We'll serve food meant only to be picked or stared at while we wistfully push it around the plate, waiting for him to call back.
the bathrooms will have a large supply of tissues and there will be several stalls in them with faux toilets that are padded so that you can hide from the world in peace, wallowing in your own pathetic misery.

take that, bill gates.


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