Friday, August 26, 2005


it's my last day at home. if i had been better prepared i could spend it with everyone that i love but i think most of today is going to be packing up my life and the rest of it's going to be putting those boxes into the car.

i said good-bye to roxie and mia last night at the diner. i kicked myself most of the way home because i forgot how much more funny they are than the rest of my friends. we went back to buergers and watched a strung out billy idol strip for conan.

i talked to loverboy for a while after i got home. college life will suit me, i think. i just hope the classes do. i set it up so i only have class MWF and i'll get out at 3:15 on friday. so either that was really stupid or i just discovered the secret to passing without trying at IUP. the only class i'm scared about is french 202 because i'm not sure if i'm good enough at writing papers in french. actually, i know i'm not.

any more suggestions for wall hangings?


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