Sunday, October 09, 2005

just wanna have fun

i had a fun weekend in pittsburgh. i rode down with my friend eric who was kind enough to let me ride along in his dad's work van on a crate. we got there around five-thirty and kurt finally realized i was there a half an hour later. we chowed down, of course, and then laid around his room for a good bit. there was a fantastic [read: free food] party going down outside his building so we took ourselves over there 'til twelve or so when we came home to watch the first half of pretty in pink. they also were giving out blue colored water that tasted a little vommity, so we took six.

next morning! we slept/didn't move until about twelve when we took my picture for my fake panther card and, again, ate. ate ate ate. we hopped a bus to the mall and sometime on the way there it began to rain like whoa. and it was yuck. especially in cloth flats. but i made the best of it and complained without sitting in a puddle and crying because hey! we were shopping! i also found the dress i'm wearing to his sister's wedding. we stopped in a bath and body works and found lotion that smells like falling in love and bought useless crap at the dollar store. went to wal-mart and spent his mom's money and delicious things like animal crackers and burritos. came home around eight-thirty and napped for a good little while. kurt did, anyways, i folded his laundry and ate a burrito. we were channel surfing that night when we came upon big fish playing on pitt tv withou any commercials so we cried and laughed and fell a little more in love.
you can barf now.
that's really all the important stuff that happened that i'm sure you don't care about. but i just bought a pretty dress so i'm in a silly mood and these are the times i kinda miss xanga.


Blogger Christa said...

Don't you hate the ambiguity and crossing over of different blogs? Can anybody really keep to just one mode of expression? And what's with these annoying blog spammers? They suck. You need to explain to me the teh phenomenon. I miss you and love you so much and you need to call me (or tell me when I can call you).

2:38 AM  

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