Thursday, April 03, 2008

100 Things Worth Doing, Part I

1. my grandmother guiding me through my first strawberry rhubarb pie

2. looking at my fresh gun tattoo thinking "i'd better live up to this."

3. finding letters in my college mailbox from my older brother once a week.

4. sharing a bed with my sister even though we have seperate beds.

5. watching my blackfeet grandmother shape frybread with her arthritic hands.

6. trying to coax our new puppy out from under the car where she was hiding as a five-year-old.

7. finally gathering up the courage to wear my hair curly.

8. walking on a path among grass that was higher than my head in ghana, and not being able to take my eyes away from more stars i've seen in my whole life.

9. sleeping in til noon in the south of france and waking up to a breakfast of fresh baguette and nutella.

10. being mistaken for a french girl in a shop in st. martin de crau

11. walking through the train tunnel and waiting for the eleven o'clock to rush by us.

12. looking up at my baby brother and realizing he is a good man.

13. hearing my 6'2, leather jacket-wearing, mohawk-sporting brother giggle at british comedies through the walls.

14. ringing in 2008 with my first new year's kiss.

15. reading e.e. cummings to a boy at four in the morning as he fell asleep on my belly.

16. bashing ex-boyfriends with my mother.

17. watching my grandma and her sister unable to stop laughing for the life of them.

18. making my dad laugh.

19. walking to the gas station in the middle of the night at least once a week.

20. spending the night at my grandmother's in the summertime with light blankets and the windows open.

21. the first time i swore to a professor and he didn't bat an eye.

22. laying in the oak grove with kurt in early october of our freshman year, watching the leaves move.

23. staying up until the early morning talking with my best friends about life and love and childhood memories.

24. my brother taking down a boy at a concert who tried to feel me up while i was dancing.

25. dancing with my little sisters in the kitchen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for reminding me why i love you. i really do. you know who this is.

12:36 AM  
Blogger Ashley said...

do not.

1:22 PM  

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