Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the year in review.

fell in love with western pa and listened to the husky tenor on repeat for a month straight. took an impromptu in-love kind of trip to niagra falls with kurt.

watched gilmore girls over and over and listened to bob dylan in a low-lit room above romeo's.

cooked a lot. made many dishes for friends and myself. perfected my ettouffee.

added a french major. started making dresses with a borrowed sewing machine.

came home for the summer, wearing a lot of sundresses and doing all kinds of summertime things.

kyle came home. i remembered why we're best friends.

turned twenty. had a kickin birthday party and re-read all of the harry potter books.

freaked out about money, only to find out later everything worked out. got an apartment with k-dawg, decorated it with covered bridges and nunchucks.

back in the swing of school. i rode my bike a lot and looked like a sweet punk. i started wearing my hair natural, whatever that is, and got a lot more compliments on it.

i was suprised when i got my heart broken. after it happened i let myself fall apart for a few minutes and then put on jackson five and danced around my house for an hour. i've felt pretty alright since then.

broke a couple hearts and skipped a lot of class. let myself be more me than i have been in a long, long time.

boys, dancing, late nights under stars, and short skirts. but it's not over yet.


Blogger Krilafis said...

i love this about you.

all of this about you.

also, you are going to lurve me forever..I found your Gilmore Girls when I came home. It was packed away in a box of Randon's stuff in the attic. I guess everyone thought Randon needed some lessons on being girly and awesome and vair vair my thrown in french.
I prefer it to being correct.

8:10 PM  

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