Sunday, December 02, 2001

MAN! I JUST DELTED THE THING I WAS GONNA PASTE HERE!@!!o*&&$^(&*$^* ARGH! Stupid stupid stupid. =) Anyway, I had a good conversation with Maurice, belive it or not. And I was gonna put it here....anywho. lol. I'm being very ADD today, and I want a good hanging-out with Christa.

Today was Stake Confrence, and me, not realizing it, woke up at 9:30. It didn't make much difference, my mom said we didn't have to go. I don't know, it's wierd, sometimes I feel like I'm the driving force behind going to church. Once my mom even said that. I was sick, and she was like "We're not gonna go if you aren't. You're the whole reason we're going." And it shouldn't be like that. Everything's so screwy right now. People came to look at our house and I had to clean my room in ten minutes and I just realized how much I love my room. It's not at ALL typical, with cow print paper randomly placed, and wonderful scribbled inside jokes all over the walls, along with a few great pictures. None of my comforters match each other, but I've had one since I was two, and the other my grandma made for me. I have a total of 13 pillows, though not all are on my bed. And I feel so at home in there, and it's great to know that I can take that with me when I move. All the little mannerisms it seems to have to another room, 2 hours away, and I'll feel safe. I'm just going to miss my friends so much.


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