Friday, July 12, 2002

Sorry about all the conversations, but AJ is fun. =)

Beast3050: eeebhagbh
Punkyelhsa: STOP CUSSING
Beast3050: <(o'_'o)>
Punkyelhsa: I SAID STOP
Beast3050: weadababyitsaboy
Punkyelhsa: Congratulations!
Punkyelhsa: haha I want that to be my last name! SO BAD
Beast3050: yapur
Beast3050: lol
Punkyelhsa: Hi! I'm Yapur Weadababyitsaboy! How are you today?
Beast3050: whoaaa
Beast3050: u could be foreign
Punkyelhsa: See? YEAH
Punkyelhsa: haha yeah!
Beast3050: and wear a little morrocan hat
Punkyelhsa: YEAHHH
Punkyelhsa: or a moracco taped to a hat! so when i moved my head, it would be like "Shake shake shake! shake shake shake! shake your bootay"
Beast3050: lol
Beast3050: and some old dude would be all like "my bootay is incapacitated...can u shake it for me?"
Punkyelhsa: And I would beat him to death with my moraccos.
Beast3050: on your head
Punkyelhsa: Yes.
Beast3050: bah-weep grah-nah-weep ninny-bong
Beast3050: itsthe universal peace greeting...
Punkyelhsa: well in that case....
Punkyelhsa: bah-weep grah-nah-weep ninny-bong
Beast3050: yay
Beast3050: dare to be stupid!
Beast3050: dare to be stupid!!
Punkyelhsa: Dare to be stupid!
Beast3050: mashed potatoes can be your freinds!
Beast3050: dare to be stupid!!!


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