Wednesday, October 30, 2002

It seems like lately, everybody has a boy. Someone to like or someone that likes them, or a real full-fledged high school romance and I'm feeling a little left out. I don't actually want a boy, per say, but I'd like things to go back to the good ol' days of being a bunch of uncaring bachlorettes. Boys are ever-so-silly, quite honestly, and I'm begining to think that he isn't out there, at least not yet. I suppose I'll get on with my lonely-hearted self. I think I've become afraid of affection from boys. And right now I'm very much in a nondescript mood. Meh.

I'm listening to Daycare Swindlers "Big Show" over and over, and even though I don't have the entire song, even though it keeps being interupted by the 'dings' on Mandy's computer and even though it's just a bunch of clips she sent me recorded onto one sound file, I can't get enough. I want this CD desperately. I want so many CDs but none are really so important that I can't wait. Maybe The Softies. But that's such summer music and this constant, dreary cold rain is making me think that summer never will come. And neither will a dry, cold winter. Because that's really the best kind.


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